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nHentai | Hentai Manga Porn Site Review in 2021

Anime porn involves weird animation imagination. But so long as it has the right graphics and visuals, you can find yourself in a little sex dungeon, like everything you have been waiting for has finally come true.

If animation porn is something that turns you on, then you are in the right place. nHentai is one porn website that someone like you should not ignore. The site started back in 2014. It is one of the porn sites that host pornographic hentai in a different language.



What is nHentai?

Currently, nHentai is one of the most popular anime and hentai websites. It offers unique content that any anime lover can cum to.

One of the areas where nHentai stands out is its consistency in offering unique content. Some of these contents are taboo. This large variety of unique content takes anime porn to another level.

Naughty manga and porn anime have been popular for a long time. Thanks to websites like nHentai, lovers of this type of porn now have something to smile about.

There is a large variety of content available at nHentai. The materials are filtered, tagged, and categorized, all to ensure that you get exactly what you are looking for.

What sort of sub niches are there?

You can choose from big breasts to bondage, schoolgirls to anal and so much more. The list is actually endless. Some of the popular options include sketches, comics, and cartoons.

We are going to explain why nHentai is becoming more and more popular these days. Everyone who is into pornographic material and manga content should read this review to the end. Plus, you will be able to know if this is the type of pornography that you can cum too.

Why is nHentai so attractive?

Every anime porn lover would want to get the best-adulterated anime experience. Well, nHentai will offer you exactly what you need. It is the perfect website to find out more about Japanese style porn that can meet your needs sexually.

What languages are uses on nHentai?

All the content offered on the website is free. The videos are available in multiple languages. These include Japanese, English, and Chinese.

Currently, nHentai takes the 11th position in the most visited adult content sites. The site attracts over 87 million visitors monthly.

If you want to watch the most adulterated hentai and manga works, then make nHentai your best friend. It is among the largest porn site that offers some of the kinkiest and freakiest anime and comics.

nHentai specializes in offering adult manga content, hentai and anime porn. Their amateur comic and cartoon porn will leave you wanting more.

Who is nHentai for?

nHentai is not one of the porn sites that offer a real-person experience. But it is exactly where you should be if you love manga and anime characters. It is the best place to find self-published manga work. Some artists here create popular characters that take anime porn on another level.

You can get anything from dick nipples to ear fucking and fandom. You also get to enjoy acts like double penetration, threesome and others. In short, nHentai is one porn website that can take you places when speaking of manga and anime porn.

One thing that makes anime and comic porn attractive is that it gets you riled up and hardcore. Watching those innocent but seductive characters can turn you on in no time. It doesn’t matter what your preferences are.

There is definitely something for you at nHentai. Just use the search filter to find your fetish or kink. This site has exactly what it takes to get you turned on.

A summary of nHentai

How big is the porn industry? You might ask. Well, this is a huge market with almost 50% of all internet traffic. Most of these sites feature live videos and recorded porn. But some people might also be interested in something else.

nHentai is for anyone who loves exploring their sexual fantasies with manga and hentai content. This is exactly where you satisfy your anime, manga, and hentai needs.

Not only does the site offer an endless list of anime and manga comics, but it also offers these videos for free. You can find amateur work there. But these are also of high quality.

Japanese content wins

You might think that the site offers amazing content but with a language you can’t understand. Well, despair. The site supports three languages. These are Chinese, English, and Japanese.

The number of Japanese hentai uploaded so far is 160,000. English content is over 55,000 and Chinese hentai is over 28,000. In total, there is more than 230,000 anime and manga content to enjoy at nHentai.

It doesn’t matter what your level of addiction to hentai videos is. The site offers more than you can actually handle. It stands out in so many ways in terms of the number of content, their library as well as language support.

Many good fetishes

There are so many options to consider when you want to explore your fetishes. For instance, the tag swimsuit has more than 15,000 uploads. The anal tag consists of over 50,000 uploads etc.

You can also find kinkier content, examples including glory hole, and squid girls. Just like we said, there is something for everyone at nHentai.

You can browse the content by parodies, categories, tags, and artists. The site also has a search function that helps find whatever you need easily. Register members also enjoy custom tagging. This helps you avoid kinks that you are not interested in.

nHentai pricing

There are so many websites that offer hentai porn out there. But at some point, you might also want to enjoy unlimited free libraries. If this is you, then you are in the right place.

One thing that makes nHentai amazing is that all the content is free to view. All you need to do is create a username and password.

After this, you have access to the best comics, cartoons, and sketches. The options here are probably more than you have ever seen on another platform.

After you register and become a member, you can get access to some features reserved for members only. Feel free to save the content you love on the favorites folder. Plus, you can get rid of the fetishes that you are not interested in.

Most porn sites with heavy traffic require long registration processes. But not nHentai. In fact, providing an email address is optional when registering here. Besides, you don’t need to worry about the amount of monthly or yearly payments.

nHentai is like a massive pornographic library. It features a large variety of anime, manga, and hentai content. Yes, the site also features amateur content.

But you can be surprised at the quality of graphics and high-resolution photos the site features. Besides, you can access the content at nHentai 24/7.

Performance evaluation

Feature Score (out of 10)
Content updates 8
Web design 8
Video and image quality 9.4
Amount of content 9
Usability 8
Features 7
Streaming and download 7
Price 10
Speed 7
Value for money 10
Navigation 8
Performance in general 9


nHentai site statistics

The most popular characters at nHentai include:

  • Gudao
  • Teitoki
  • Asuka LangleySoryu
  • Hakurei
  • Reimu
  • Shinji Ikari
  • Sakuya Izayou
  • Naruto Uzumaki
  • Rei Ayanami

Most popular parodies

  • Original
  • Touhou Project
  • Kantai Collection
  • Fate Grand Order
  • The Idolmaster,
  • Ah My Goodness
  • Granblue Fantasy.
  • Most popular sites
  • Hentai2read
  • Hitomi
  • Luscious
  • Hentai haven
  •  Hentaifox
  • Simply-hentai
  •  Danbooru

Estimated visitors: Over 88 million per month

Number of comics: Over 200,000

Average video length: 30 Minutes

Maximum video resolution: 1600 ×1200

Daily download limit: Unlimited

Photo slideshow feature: Available

High resolution: Yes

Zip sets: No

Picture set per video:  Yes

nHentai competitors

nHentai has content that attracts porn lovers from all over the world. It is free to view all the sex pictures, hentai comics, and manga on the site. However, some websites compete with nHentai in offering anime porn.

9hentai from Russia

One of these sites is 9hentai. This is a Russian website that is very popular in places like the United States and Thailand. The website attracts over 600,000 users monthly.

For now, nHentai is known to have the best single images and porn comics. But in terms of design and functionality, 9hentai takes the credit. If you enjoyed the content at nHentai and are wondering where to get the same, 9hentai is for you.

ASMhentai is a rising star

Another nHentai competitor is ASMhentai. This website attracts more than 3.5 million visitors monthly. The site has all the comics and parodies you might be interested in. You also get to enjoy a variety of fetishes and kinks that you can ever imagine.

Every manga lover can get something to watch here. The site has more than 60,000 English language galleries. Those who love Chinese and Japanese content also have something to watch.

Hentai2read is also getting noticed

Hentai2read is also another nHentai competitor that is doing quite well. It boasts of over 13 million monthly visitors.

This site is also among the top 100 adult websites globally. It is actually a direct competitor to our site, nHentai when it comes to functionality and design.

The site features kinky manga content just like what nHentai offers. However, it also has advanced search filters. These filters help choose fetishes for specific characters, tags, and artists.

HentaiHere has a lot of weird stuff if that floats your boat

Another nHentai competitor is HentaiHere. The site has over 1.5 million people visiting the site every monthly. You can view all the content here for free. The content is available based on:

  • Artists
  • Category
  • Language
  • Convention
  • Characters and so much more 

HentaiHere also features unique content like bestiality, incest and rape. If you are looking for something deviant and less grotesque, there is a lot to see at HentaiHere.

These are not the only alternatives to nHentai that you can consider. Others include E-hentai, nHentai, Hitomi, Hentaihaven, Hentai2read, Luscious, Danbooru, Hentaifox, and Simply-hentai.


  • A large collection of hentai, manga, and doujinshi content
  • A large variety of professional and amateur Japanese anime sketches and comics.
  • A large number of pictures and original pieces of artwork
  • Well designed graphics and high-quality images
  • User-friendly website
  • There are no limitations on previews, daily limits, membership charges, and trials
  • The site hosts the latest computer-generated hentai with color panels and high-resolution drawing
  • Parody, tags, groups, and filters are some of the features available. They make it easier for users to find pornographic fetishes that interest them the most
  • Adverts are limited, which leads to a great user experience
  • Update schedules for new porn work and comic are easy to follow
  • New content is published after every hour. You can always find something new to jerk off to
  • There is a random button that works well for people who enjoy manga but do not know which option to choose. In this section, the site selects random publications.
  • Tag content makes it easy to find your fetishes. Some of them include schoolgirl uniform, big breasts among others.
  • The site has a mobile version which makes it easier to access it from any location.
  • Once a registered member, you can create a favorites list and save the content you love.


  • The site doesn’t have a forum section and doesn’t plan to feature it soon
  • There is plenty of amateur content published on the site.
  • Hentai or manga content you love may be offered in another language
  • It is not everything you see at the site that is original. You can also find parodies, some of which are not exciting at all
  • If you are a porn lover, then it is obvious that you love the highest resolution of videos and images. The site does not have the best content and visual graphics
  • There is a lot of blacklist and taboo content at nHentai that appear randomly
  • Registered members do not enjoy many benefits. For instance, there are no offers or a special type of porn designed for registered users
  • Lack of real-life sex experience
  • There is not much more than manga, anime, and Doujinshgui content. 


The developer of nHentai is not so much into community creation and forums. However, members can easily reach support by writing to them.

It is good to know that the site welcomes suggestions from its users. There is no in-person or telephone support. But for a self-published forum such as nHentai, a support line isn’t really necessary.

The site support has tried to ensure that they are accessible on social platforms. You can also contact them by writing an email. You can also visit the info page at the site to get more information about this.

Other ways to contact nHentai support  is through:

  • Twitter at @fuckmaou
  • Blogs
  • Email

If you want to report any form of abuse, you can use this address;

Click and scroll down to get more information on how to contact Nhentai support.

In summary

If you are into Japanese anime and have a fetish for high-resolution artwork and cartoon comics, then nHentai is a perfect place for you. Here, you can get a large portion of manga and good old anime.

The site is very user friendly. It is easy to navigate and you can find new publications every hour.

The website provides its users with tons of published content in multiple languages like Chinese, English, and Japanese. You can also get Japanese style porn comics and some of the finest original artworks.

Registration is free. It is also free to use the site and download interesting content. This is one thing that every porn lover out there would love to hear.

The site may not be featuring content on real-life porn. But most of the anime porn offered here looks realistic.

Since you don’t need to pay for registration, there is no reason why you shouldn’t register at the site. You may never know what fetish you will come across and add to your favorites list.

Concluding remarks

We have shared all the details you need to know about nHentai. All this information will make it easier for you to know whether the site is the best place to before anime porn.

All your kinky demands, porn fantasy, and taboo fetishes are available. And one amazing thing is that all these self-published collections are offered for free.

If you loved reading this review, stay tuned for our future reviews on other porn sites. Our aim is to ensure that all our readings get an amazing experience when visiting porn sites.