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All men have sexual needs and to be honest, these needs cannot be satisfied only by jerking off to some sexual content on a porn site. The fact that you can’t achieve sexual satisfaction just because you don’t have a sexual partner can be frustrating. 

Indeed, there are some crazy porn videos out there that can make any man ejaculate. But even watching these videos won’t satisfy a man’s sexual needs. Anyone who wants to get the real deal should check out SkipTheGames.

That being said, you may be curious to know what SkipTheGames is all about. Well, we have got you covered. 

What is SkipTheGames?

Just like the name implies, SkipTheGames lets you skip those games in porn sites and get to real action. This is good news for anyone who wants to enjoy the real pussy experience.

The developers of SkipTheGames designed this site with horny men in mind. This is where you find women who can go out of their way to offer mind-blowing sexual services. 

Some sites like OkCupid and Tinder may be offering the same services. But for them, it takes a lot of time and effort to flit before you get laid.

And you can’t even be sure whether that person can satisfy your sexual needs. Lucky enough, we now have SkipTheGames. This site makes it possible to search for real pussies in a flash. 

What services are offered on SkipTheGames?

On the website, you can find people offering escort services from different parts of the world. And their charges are also reasonable.

Here, you can get a lady ready to suck your dick for less than a hundred dollars. And it is all simple. Give the girls a call and ask how much she charges. It won’t even take an hour for the girl to knock on your door. The experience you get thereafter will be unforgettable. 


  • Simple interface
  • Find escorts from all over the world
  • Real photos


  • A few fake profiles
  • Pricing may not be clear upfront

There are also alternative sites to SkipTheGame which I am going to explain below. I have researched these sites and personally used them to give you as accurate information as possible. To make things easy for you, I have narrowed down my list to 10 best alternatives to SkipTheGames.

   10. AdultFriendFinder

AdultFriendFinder offers an unforgettable and easy way to enjoy sexual experiences. And the best part is that you get it all here for free! I love how the site works. Free members send messages to premium users.

They however cannot send messages to other free members. As a result, most adventurous women take advantage of this feature. They look for paying members, send private messages, and offer their escort services. 

AdultFriendFinder is more of a hookup site. However, there are still many women who want to offer sex for money. I paid $25 as a monthly subscription fee.

But this small amount enabled me to hire escorts at cheap prices. I recommend the site for anyone who wants to get laid without spending a lot of money. 


  • There are profiles with nude photos
  • Cheap and easy way to enjoy sex
  • A lot of horny users


  • Free members only send messages to paid members


Tryst is also another best choice to consider out there. As a matter of fact, this site is labeled as the ‘home of independent escorts’. The amount charged by escorts here varies. The agency takes a percentage of money as fees. 

At tryst. link, you can find escorts that offer sexual services for as little as $80. There are obviously some stunning women that charge more than this. Some charge as much as $150 and others $500 for an hour. 

One thing that has managed to do is offering their customers the best experience. If you need any clarifications concerning payment or anything of the sort, just give them a call.

They will respond to you right away. All escorts have verified profiles. So you can be sure that whatever you are getting at the site is the real deal. 

It is easy to go through the profiles of escorts in your area. You can even search for escorts in other locations. The site has a filter option where you can narrow down your options to men, women, couples among others.

The fact that all the escorts at tryst are verified means that you will never come across a fake account. This is one thing that makes the site stand out.

The escorts offer their rates, bio, schedule, contact information, and other important details. There are even other profiles with links to their social media accounts. 


  • Signing up is not necessary
  • Verified escorts
  • No fake accounts
  • Members are responsive
  • Reasonable rates


  • Not offered in a classified type


This is an escort site that is specifically designed for sex workers.It is one of my best platforms for casual sex so far. Switter works the same way as Twitter.

The only difference is that it is only sex workers that use the site. But you have to create an account first before getting in touch with those girls. 

Switter has a listing section where users can go through profiles of the sex workers. You can even filter your options based on location to find an escort near you. One amazing thing I liked here is that there are no spam and fake ads on the feeds.


  • All sex workers are verified
  • No spam profiles and fake ads
  • It works similarly to Twitter


  • The sex workers use a dedicated listings area

   7. Slixa

Slixa never disappoints when it comes to finding extremely beautiful escorts. To be honest, this is the place where I enjoyed sex experiences that I have never had anywhere else.

However, Slixa is a more expensive escort site compared to other platforms we have listed so far. You can even enjoy the site more by signing up as a VIP member. 

The services here are extraordinary, but you have to dig deep into your pockets. Some of the escorts in Slixa charge as much as $400 per hour!

If you have a restrained budget, then go to the non-VIP section. You can find gorgeous but affordable ladies there. Some of them are willing to offer escort services for as little as $50 per hour.


  • All Slixa escorts are verified
  • Detailed profiles
  • Extremely gorgeous escorts


  • The escorts are expensive

   6. Double List

Double List works differently from other escort sites that we have so far discussed. Rather than featuring escorts directly, the site offers listings and ads to help those who want a lady for casual sex.

It is a website that is dedicated to offering adverts for escort services. Double List has not been around for long.

When the site was starting out, very few people were interested in it. But it gradually attracted more people and became a popular site for escort services. 

Double List is especially handy for those looking for escorts in less-known destinations. At Double List, you can find posts of escorts that offer very affordable services. 

The site is very well organized. The services offered are grouped into different categories. You can view photos and videos, and even post your content.

The platform is quick to detect offensive language. For instance, you can never find an escort who advertises herself with words like; I am looking for a thick dick to suck.

However, you can find escorts who are very creative in their ads. The site is free to use. You are therefore free to explore different ads without spending your hard-earned $$.


  • Perfect place for casual sex and hookups
  • Active users
  • Free to use


  • Many fake ads
  • The site is sensitive to words used

   5. Ashley Madison

Ashley Madison is a household name that you probably have heard of already. If you haven’t, then I will tell you for free how amazing this website is. 

Actually, you can always find me here every time I wanna get laid. There is one thing that makes Ashley Madison stand out. The site is dedicated to helping married couples and those in serious relationships find casual hookups. 

As you may know, very few people would want to have a relationship with married guys. This makes it difficult for these people to get partners for casual sex. But Ashley Madison has made things easier for them.

At Ashley Madison, it is the non paying members that message paying members. But these non paying members can’t send messages to each other.

This is the reason why the site is full of women with free accounts. And most paying members are men, of course.


  • A cheaper option to paying for an escort
  • A perfect option for married people
  • There are some rich women in there


  • You might spend a lot of time to get someone who you are interested in

   4. Bedpage

Bedpage is also a place to consider when looking for escorts. The downside however is that this site is full of fictitious ads and fake posts.

It is actually rare to find a legit advert at Bedpage. In my opinion, the developers of these sites do not allow people to post real ads. They just don’t wanna be found on the wrong side of the law.


  • Same as Backpage


  • A lot of fake ads
  • Not easy to get real escorts

   3. Erotic Monkey

There is one thing I loved about Eroctic Monkey. Escorts here are very responsive. Most of them will answer your calls. Besides, the escorts also charge affordable prices. You can find escorts that charge around $50 per hour. 

The escorts also have detailed profiles. You can get information about their rates and body stats on their profiles. Users who use escorts services are also allowed to leave reviews.

But it is only premium members that have access to these reviews. Premium membership costs $30 per month. I didn’t use the premium membership though. There is actually no big difference between the free and premium membership.


  • A lot of escorts
  • The site is hosted in Switzerland
  • Affordable charges


  • Pay a monthly fee of $30 to read reviews

   2. Rubmaps

If you are looking for a place to get affordable handjobs blowjobs, then Rubmaps is the place for you. 

This is a site that advertises massage parlors near your location that all lead to a happy ending. These parlours offer the services at very affordable rates.

You can get a lot of positive reviews about Rubmaps. Most clients are happy with what the site offers. Some users give tips on how you can get erotic massages at affordable rates. 

On the flip side, you have to part with $20 as a monthly fee to read the reviews. For me, this wasn’t worth spending. After all, I could still find detailed information about these massage parlors for free.


  • Cheap and way to get casual sex
  • Perfect place to find a massage parlour with happy endings


  • Rubmaps is not the best place to find escorts
  • Reading reviews will cost you $20

SkipTheGames Adult Search

Adult search offers two types of services. Apart from getting an escort, the site also works as a sex guide. Here, you can find profiles of sex workers within your area. You can also get listings of different massage parlous that offer erotic massages.

Besides that, you can get listings of strip clubs. One thing that makes Adult Search stand out is the chance to post on forums. These forums offer sex tips, recommendations, and guides. Escorts who want their services advertised need to pay $10 as monthly fees.


  • So many escorts listed
  • There are also listings for street clubs and massage parlors
  • Offers affordable rates


  • Escorts must pay to post ads

Recommended alternatives to SkipTheGames

A lot of escorts and sex workers sign up on SkipTheGames. But here, most escorts have loyal clients. This makes it difficult for them to accommodate new clients. So the best advice I can give is to try an alternative site. 

Lucky enough, there are so many alternatives to SkipTheGames that you can make use of. The best ones are AdultFriendFinder, Tryst, and Slixa. These are the sites that I have personally used and recommend. 

If you are overwhelmed with options, then you can as well explore them all. This is the best way to decide which platform offers the best pussies.

SkipTheGames Conclusion

I have used SkipTheGames for years now. But then, I decided to explore what other sites have in store. To do this, I had to conduct extensive research on these sites. 

I enjoyed most of the time I spent on SkipTheGames. Marion, a 26-year-old escort was the most beautiful lady I have ever seen in my life.

The lady was offering escort services at an hourly rate of $150. This was a reasonable price considering how beautiful she was. I would meet Marion once a week and every time we met, she managed to ride my dick like it was the first time. 

Now, I would like to know your opinion. Are there any sites offering escort services that you can recommend? If yes, remember to leave a comment below.