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Chaturbate in 2021- An Honest Review


Chaturbate is Most commonly misspelled as “Chaterbate”, this is one of the most popular adult entertainment sites on the internet. In the past few years, live sex shows could only be enjoyed in some of the dingiest joints across the town.

Enjoy the content online

Some of us had to risk getting robbed on our way to some of these joints just to have a glance at some sexy girls spreading their juicy twats. However, since the internet became an important part of our lives, all this has changed, and you no longer have to risk it all in the name of going out to stare at a bunch of live pussies.

Nowadays, you can just relax, sit back, and enjoy some of these shows in the comfort of your home via webcams. Chaturbate is one of the sites that have made this possible.

Can you find High-Quality Cams?

This site is among the few high-quality and reliable live cam sites that you will currently find on the internet. The site seems to be growing bigger as the years go by.

You can watch for free

Today, it is not easy to find a site that is dedicated to giving its users the chance to watch cam girls performing for free without the need of having to register an account. However, there are also other fun ways to spend money on the site if you wish to.

Clever logo and domain name choice

Chaturbate‘s main site has a logo with the meaning of the word Chaturbate under it. It reads: “The Act of Masturbating While Chatting Online”.

Chaturbate Free Live action

This site comes with a nice logo at the top left corner, and the overall theme of the site is light-colored. This is different from most other adult sites that are usually associated with dark themes. If not for the raunchy content on its homepage, you would be mistaken to think that it is a family-friendly site.

What can you find on the homepage?

Chaturbate’s homepage is full of thumbnails as you would expect from your usual adult website. However, all the thumbnails on this site are actual links to live shows, and you can follow any of the links that might interest you.

As I write this review, I am looking at some interesting thumbnails that include a couple of kissing lesbians, a young beauty sucking on a big cock, a mature woman rubbing her pussy in an office, among many other mouth-watering scenes.

Most of the women on the thumbnails seem to be young going by the age displayed on their thumbnails. Most of them are between the age of 19-20 years old, and a few mature women here and there.

By default, the homepage displays the featured webcams. You will notice that most of the featured webcams involve lesbian couples and solo girls doing their thing.

The top left part of the page has tabs that will let you filter the webcams you wish to see. These filters include Female, Male, Couple, Trans, and Followed.

Is Chaturbate Really Free?

This site is 100% free to join and use. All models have a free preview show that gives you a glimpse of what to expect, and you do not have to tip a model to watch the previews.

To prove this, I tried following a link to some cute babe who was rubbing her young pussy so that I could get a taste of how it feels to watch some of these clips on Chaturbate.

To be honest with you, I expected to be interrupted by a lot of ads since this has become a norm with most free cam sites.

However, to my surprise, I was taken straight to the live video feed and here I was, looking at this beautiful naked babe doing what she knows best. The player was quite smooth and there was no buffering or annoying pop-ups.

How do you contact a model?

On the right side of the feed, there is a chat window that you can use to engage the model. This will help you in case you want to request the model to do something specific for you.

Chaturbate has a crazy amount of users online

This part will also show you the total number of connected users who are watching the clip. I can see an astonishing 9,600 users watching and commenting on this feed. There is also the option to Private Message the model if you wish. However, you have to sign up to be able to use this feature.

You can access most of the cams on Chaturbate for free. However, there are chics who do not allow access to their feed for people without an account.

Is it still free to register?

The best thing is that creating an account on Chaturbate is completely free; hence you can access all the feeds you like if you have an account. Once you are inside the feed, it will be up to you to decide whether you want to spend some money or not.

Do the models do ” extras” for free?

Most of the girls will need the users to reach a combined certain amount of tips for them to do more exciting things. Such as taking off their clothes, using their dildos, and even masturbating in front of the camera.

Who tips the models?

In case you do not feel like tipping the model, there is no need to worry because there are always thousands of other users watching the feed.

Out of these, a few of them may decide to tip the model, and the tips will be enough within no time. Once the threshold is reached, you can sit back and enjoy some of the best performances from the model.

Just Tip Them if You Can

If you have chosen to get a free show, then it is important to ensure that you adhere to some etiquette. For instance, in case you do not have any plans of tipping the model, it is advisable to just follow the feed, and not spam the chat room.

Reward the models for an entertaining show

For me, I love rewarding girls that go out of their way to ensure that I am fully entertained. The reason why most of them go out of their ways to please us is that they are trying everything they can to earn a living. Therefore, a little tip will go a long way in motivating her to keep doing some of the great stuff that we all love to see.

Help the models to reach their daily goals

Below the feed, you will see a section showing the number of tips the girl needs all the viewers to reach before taking her performance to the next level. In case you feel like sending a tip, then you can use the “SEND TIP” button located just below the feed.

This area will also show you the number of tips you still have in your account. In case you happen to run out of tips, you can always get more tips that will help you to reward some of your favorite performers on the site.

How else can I use credits?

Credits can also be used to trigger private chats with the girls of your choice or help you to spy on other users’ private shows.

On the other hand, if the private show seems too expensive for you, then there are some girls who are always ready to give you discounts on per-minute rates in case you decide to join the private show as a group.

Most of the groups consist of four to five users who can join and enjoy the show together. This will help you pay less compared to joining the private show as an individual.

Do not be rude like some users

Also, avoid harassing the models, avoid being rude to other users, and ensure that you refrain from trying to force the models to do things for you. This is just a normal courtesy that any decent person out there should be able to follow.

What Benefits Can I enjoy With a Chaturbate Premium Account?

There are a few benefits that come with a premium Chaturbate account. If you open an account and purchase some credits, you will be able to enjoy additional features such as viewing Multicam angles and sending private messages.

The good thing about Chaturbate is that you do not have to spend a lot of money to enjoy most of these features. When it comes to webcam shows, you have the freedom of spending the amount you wish on the models of your choice.

How much do tokens cost?

Tokens on this site are affordable, and 100 tokens can be purchased for a little over 10 bucks. The prices will keep getting lower as you continue purchasing more tokens with time. Some of these rates are much lower compared to how much people pay to go to a strip club where you aren’t even allowed to touch the girls.

Free token gift with upgrades

Chaturbate also rewards you with 200 free tokens in case you decide to upgrade your account. Once you have upgraded your account, you won’t have to deal with the ever-annoying ads.

You can also enjoy other additional features like sending private messages. Another interesting feature that premium members can enjoy includes changing the color and font options of their accounts.

In case you do not want an upgraded account, you will still have a choice of registering for a free account within a matter of seconds.

Chaturbate Conclusion

Chaturbate is the perfect site for anyone looking for an adult webcam site because it doesn’t require you to open an account or spend a lot of money to enjoy watching some sexy girls doing their thing.

It can even get more exciting in case you decide to upgrade your account and purchase some credits that will help you in terms of tipping the models to get special performances from them. The credits are also pocket-friendly compared to what similar sites tend to charge.

Chaturbate Pros

  • A lot of interactive sex shows
  • A wide range of sexy girls
  • Free sex shows
  • Affordable credits

Chaturbate Cons

  • You will be required to pay an extra membership fee in order to access PMs
  • Sometimes shows may disappear in the middle of watching unless you pay for them