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Omegle Review in 2021- Should You Use It?


Loneliness has led people back to Chatroulette and Omegle

Free adult chat websites have become extremely popular in the past decade. These websites connect random strangers through text and video chats.

You might have already come across the word Omegle before. If not, don’t despair because we are going to explain everything you need to know about this random chat site.

What is wrong with Omegle?

I give credit to Omegle for trying to monitor illicit content at the site. But just like Chatroulette, the site is still scary to use.

It is common for an innocent person to visit the site with the main aim of finding people to interact with. But what they get instead is an endless number of dick pictures.

But now, people are getting tired of zooming with people they know. After all, sharing your genitals with someone you are familiar with can be a big risk. This is probably the reason why sites like Chatroulette and Omegle are back!

Omegle is getting more popular coming into 2021

Statistics show that searches for Omegle have increased during the lockdown period. This was from March 8th, 2020 onwards. The site offers an effective way for people to meet new friends online.

This comes at a time when interacting face to face was next to impossible. Omegle recently updated their homepage and this is how it now reads in our own words;

How to keep safe on Omegle?

When you visit Omegle, we will connect you to a random stranger and have a one on one talk. We keep you safe by ensuring that all the chats are anonymous. This is unless you disclose your identity to another person( this is not recommended!)

Be careful of sexual predators

Feel free to stop a chat any time you wish. Predators have been found on Omegle before, so exercise caution every time you are online).

For this last statement, no Omegle representative was willing to share their comments on the same. In April 2020, Chatroulette usage has increased by over 50%. This was actually the first week of people being locked at home. This is according to a report by the Daily Beast.

Chatroulette CEO, Andrey Ternovskiy put this into figures. He indicates that the number of daily users had increased from 48,000 to 148,000 by the end of May 2020. Influencers and celebrities are also embracing this nostalgic comeback.

During the month of May,  The New York Times reported that Omegle videos on TikTok had also increased. Emma Chambler for instance uploaded a video on youtube recently. This video had a title; Having my Birthday Party on Omegle. The video has a caption that read ‘regret’.

In the video, Emma was trying to celebrate her big day by chatting with strangers at the site. She was asking people to wish her a happy birthday.

Some of the people she chatted with were young ladies. Most of them were of her age, and they were more than willing to wish her an amazing birthday. She also interacted with teen boys. Some advised her on which frosting to use for the cupcakes.

She edited some of the content that seemed to be inappropriate. (most of them being dicks) And the video appeared to be interesting at the end. If you watched this video, you may to some extent believe that Omegle isn’t the site you knew before.

After Emma closed her laptop, she stated how traumatizing the experience was. She basically saw ‘a lot of things that she didn’t want to see’. Emma declares that were it not for a lot of inappropriate content, she would have been therefore a longer time.

Omegle tells you in advance what you may have to view

On the Omegle homepage, there is a disclaimer warning people of the same. It says that users may be denied access due to inappropriate behavior. ‘as the chats are moderated, moderation doesn’t always mean perfection’.

You can still find a large number of people who misbehave at Omegle. These people however are responsible for the behavior they portray.

If you are open minded it still can be fun

Leah, a 28-year-old lady started using Omegle recently. In the beginning, she never thought of finding anything of value in there. But as much as she admits that there are some suckers at Omegle, she still has fun at times chatting with strangers.

Visiting Omegle is like going to a bar. You never know who you will meet and what you are going to talk about. Leah accepts that she is lonely.

But all she wants to do is find a random stranger to talk to. She has fun at times interacting with people at Omegle. But the lady also states that she doesn’t intend to continue using the site once she starts dating again.

“The site is exciting and scary at the same time, but I will be out of here when things get back to normal,” She says

As for the offensive content that you are likely to find at the site, Ternovskiy thinks that the future appears bright. “More and more people are using the site now, and we are likely to see a decrease in this offensive content in the future”.

The site has normal people as well as weirdos

When the site started, all you could see was creepy content all over the site. But now, normal people have to stay at home with nothing much to do. The number of people who are there with no ill intentions now outdoes the naughty ones.

But even when more reputable people are using the site now, I was curious to know what goes on at the filtered chat. Even here, all I could see were dicks all over the place.

According to the website rules, adult content is not allowed in filtered chat. Anyone who violates this rule could be banned from using the site in the future.

Despite all the elicit content, more people continue using Omegle. Chatroulette isn’t left behind. Most of these people are bored and lonely. But don’t despair. The stay at home orders is going to end soon. And you can go back to meeting strangers in real life again.

Ternovskiy himself states that Chatroulette is not meant to replace your real life. After all, meeting people in real life is more fun than visiting an adult site with no idea of what to expect.

But this is the only thing that works for now. If you are interested in similar chat sites look at: Flirt4Free, Stripchat, Chatspin and DirtyRoulette.